Daming, a well-known comprehensive steel fabrication enterprise specializing in processing, sales and technical services of stainless steel and carbon steel, possesses the world first-class steel processing equipments, the modern physical and chemical testing center and 9 processing platforms as “ shearing, cutting, surface finish, forming, welding machining and precision sheet metal ”. In 2016, with 3846 employees, the sales volume reached 1.61million tons stainless steel and 1.15 million tons carbon steel.


Daming boasts 9 processing centers in Wuxi, Taiyuan , Tianjin, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Jingjiang,Zibo , Tai' an and Qianzhou(Wuxi) ,and 2 deep processing factories,Daming Heavy Industry and Daming Precision Sheet Metal, and sets up several branchs in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Zhengzhou, Xi’an,  Changsha and Yangzhou. In possession of global famous suppliers and complete spot platform, and with standing stock of 120 thousand tons stainless steel and 80 thousand carbon steel, Daming is famous as the “chain supermarket for spot stainless steel and carbon steel” in China.


Since 2006,Daming has always been one of the top 500 manufactures in China Daming successfully passed ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification and won the honorarytitle of 4A Logistics Enterprise. After several years' rapid development, Daming International has become one of the supplier members of the network units of Sinopec, and member of China Pressure Vessel Association, China Nuclear Energy Association, China Elevator Association, China Beverage Industry Association and China Gas Association, the vice-chairman and vice-president unit of Jiangsu Province Petrochemical equipment industry association.


On December 1,2010, Daming International Holdings Co., Ltd (the holding company of the group,stock code: 01090) was officially listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange and becamethe first listed company of the stainless steel processing & manufacturing industry in China. Daming has expanded its business from the traditional industry to the high-end fields such as petrochemical, new energy,bio-pharmaceutical, electronic communication, special ship, rail transit andaerospace industry where Daming is able to provide a variety of parts andsemi-parts manufacturing.


Aiming to build a world leading and domestic top steel fabrication enterprise, Daming has accelerated the development of steel deep processing, constructed the processing & distribution cluster and extended the industrial chain. With a space of more than 1,000 Mu and an investment of RMB 2,000,000,000.00, the Jingjiang project is under construction and shall be dedicated to establishing Daming Harbor Services, Daming Heavy Industry and Daming Metal Technology and shall strive to become a new modern steel science and technical park.