Chairman's Address

Since established, Daming has aimed to be Chinese leading independent stainless steel processing and distribution enterprise, realizing the enterprise development of Daming International by adhering to the healthy, sustainable development and social responsibility fulfillment. We do our best to enhance domestic and international competitiveness through management and cultural innovation. During the development, we keep studying and cooperating with other enterprises domestic and overseas to explore the most suitable model for Chinese stainless steel processing industry.


Aims to become an enterprise with highest market share in Chinese stainless steel processing industry and strives to gain the maximum return for our shareholders. We plan to implement the following strategies:

   Expand other types of metal processing services;

   Enlarge the processing capacity, service scope and centers network;

   Continue to strengthen the stock control,the operating capital and financing cost management;     

   Enlarge the customer base of the target industries;

   Strengthen the information exchange among the processing centers to improve the overall efficiency.


We firmly believe that maintaining a large-scale operation and realizing the ideal profit margins and stable cash flow are equally important. When our group is rapidly developing, we shall remain prudent and achieve a balance between achieving strategic goal and returning to shareholders.


Following the principle based on " good faith and customer satisfaction ", Daming shall keep close to the market and customers' demand, and try our best to make Chinese stainless steel processing enterprises bigger and stronger.